Sunday, July 11, 2010

loved from hated

Dr. Deathhead over at Hated of the World sent me a little party pack recently. It included some fine art, some stuff to get your junk up and some stuff to wipe it down after, vanilla scent, or flavored... not sure. The box also contained their newest assault on the eyes for your wearing pleasure. The doctor said to buy two of them and don't ever call me in the morning.

thanks Chris. the creepy smut art rules


  1. im the skinny skull guy that this paintings based off of!! my girl was thick, but she liked it in the butt!!

  2. The thought that it's a picture of you getting down in a plumper almost ruined it for me. Almost. Thanks for sharing the love Joey. We're gonna haul it up to Boston at some point. Just to warn you.

  3. I hope the package will come in "handy"! It was meant for Lonely nights.