Saturday, July 17, 2010

captain caption

and the winner is...

the dumb and dumber quote flat out made me laugh the most because it reminds me of one of my favorite people that i miss and don't get to see nearly enough of anymore. a guy that has been a good friend for a long time that would and has literally dropped everything to help me out of a real bad jam, several times and never question or judge. rather find some fucked up humor in something when it seemed like there was none at an inappropriate time and hit taco bell on the way. dumb and dumber is not my favorite movie but it is one of his probably because it and this guy have a similar sense of humor. when you feel stupid laughing but it doesn't really matter, even if its you that you're all laughing at. this was a grown man with the scooter poster proudly up on the wall in his rumpus room for craps sake. even though i think i remember his wife not being to impressed with his decor choices. but she got him too.

so Tony D, get in touch. and if its tony bologna aka 'candy' you can kiss my milky white ass if you think im shipping it out. pretty sure you or your boy andy still owe me some money from when you pinched some fots stock and said you would pay me later. if its not the same tony, congratulations and forget all that other crap i just said. email me your contact info so it can get out the door and up on your wall.

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