Tuesday, July 20, 2010

big ben

the death science guys just welcomed another member to the crew. anyone that has hung out with benji for more than 2 whole minutes knows that he rolls to the beat of a different drummer to say the least. he had us cracking up for a couple days straight out at born free without even trying to be funny. shortly after we parted ways we all agreed that he will be missed. only about a dozen or so awards were given at born free out of over a thousand bikes. his shovel that he built with jeremiah from love got some space age award or something. im starting to think it may be because benji's ideas are from about 10 minutes in the future. and if he ever says anything that seems out of sorts its just because you havent caught up with him yet. hope they know what they are in for. im looking forward to seeing his deal in the mix. probably stuff like how he makes fightin gloves out of dead squirrls in his root cellar that he dug with a horse skull that he had to kill for trying to steal his dreams. or it may be stuff that will completley unimpress or confuse most people. you just never know what is going to happen next with this guy. stay tuned. cause the ride just got a little more interesting

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  1. Haha....... Yeah, Banji is a RULER.... Thanks for the mention....... Later.