Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunday Cowtown

Went over the bridge to a small outdoor swap meet in Jersey. The Brain took this shot form his whip due to a flat he got the day before. Jersey Steve's Pan is nothing short of spectacular. My shithouse photos dont do it justice. Rad dude rad bike.

This guy was puttin it out there.


  1. you missed out man. i left with knuckle dan & steve. we went for a ride for a bit. steves pan looks even nicer jammin down the road. knuckle dan is always trying to race me with that hot rod panhead of his. i challenged him to a drag race. he was making excuses & then manned up. the triumph walked away from the pan in a hurry but he claimed he missed 2nd. he does still have the rocker clutch & tank shift so i guess ill accept that excuse. i will say that from a 40mph roll on, he hands me my ass. always a blast hangin with dan - check his blog, i added it to the list. steve was breakin in the pretty pan so he took it easy. no racing for him, yet.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We all gotta meet up next time