Monday, June 28, 2010

Cross Country Trip, Preface

OK OK - I know, I'm taking forever to post about my trip. I am truely sorry. Its just that spending 4400 miles solo on a bike & riding from sun up to sun down, day after day for two weeks just so happens to be pure fucking heaven. So once I got home, I had to soak the whole thing in for a bit, of course that was after I slept for 2 days, then had to catch up on household duties & all that. Then I was dealing with the fact that being away from technology for a relatively long time, made me feel pretty good. I started to think things like. 'hmm, ive been riding clear across states like ohio, indiana, illinois, missouri & so on at the rate of about 1-1.5 states per day.' then i would think, 'wow, how many hours do i spend sitting in one spot, staring at a screen, between work & all the other shit like the forums, blogs, facebook, etc?' then i basically concluded 'fucking shit dude - riding my motorcycle really makes me feel a hell of a lot better than fucking off on the internet.' haha - well hopefully most of the people who read this blog fully understand where im coming from. so, the shortened version of all that is - riding a lot made me want to avoid the computer at all costs when i got home.

well, i guess im finally getting over it. im uploading my 700 pics right now & will post a slideshow link. i will warn you though. since i was solo for most of my miles, most of the pics are of the passing landscape and shots of my bike in front of various stuff. i was of course a little disappointed showing off my pics when i got home because they just dont even begin to touch how amazing the places i rode were & just barely captured the atmosphere & feeling i was having. Since I spent most of the beginning of the trip on the bike - at least until i took a day off in AZ most of the pics I shot were just me pointing & shooting while i was hauling ass across our great country. There were some mind blowing spots i where i actually took pics that were actually aimed somewhat focused. Thankfully my little digital camera is pretty smart & does a lot of shit on its own to make my terrible skills semi-respectible.

So stay tuned folks, I will be posting up the details in installments in the near future. I can say for sure that it was the most epic time of my life. People need to do whatever it takes to get out there & see what this earth has to offer. I dig the hell out of seeing a real beautiful chopper or classic cycle for sure, but nothing has ever blown my mind like the things i saw that were not created by man. things that have been here long before & will be here long after man.

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