Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cross Country Trip, Part 2

I bombed on through indiana & was really getting into a groove. I'd found my rythm. Got packing & unpacking the bike down pat. Setting up & breaking down the camping gear. Timing my gas stops with refilling my hydration pack, taking a leak & getting a snack. I also realized that being as comfortable as possible helped me put on a shitload of miles at a time. I mainly rode in a hoodie & jeans and only had to use my leather or riding suit a few times. I wore ear plugs because the wind & motor noise was really ringin' my bell after so many hours per day. Overall, I was feeling pretty damn excellent, physically and mentally about being on the road. I didnt even touch the bottle of advil i brought along.

good thing I found that rhythm because the middle of the county is quite lovely but a bit boring. indiana was cool, i took a break & walked around indiana state university's downtown area, ate some greek food and saw the A team van. I found a camp & got some rest. illinois was ok then I stopped in st louis missouri to see the big arch. FYI - its really fucking huge! i met a group of dudes on 'touring' bikes. they looked at me like i was bonkers when i told them i was riding cross country on a scrambler. i looked at their goldwings & road kings & could just not see myself sitting between all those hard cases & huge windshields. might as well take a minivan as far as im concerned. you know what i realized? any bike is a touring bike when you tour on it. my idea of a motorcycle is one where you feel the wind, you can see, hear & feel the motor, is something you can work on on the side of the road propped up on logs & rocks, with hand tools - no computers required and is something you can pick up on your own if it falls over. come see me when im 80 years old though, i will probably be riding a goldwing trike with a million lights and a roof on it - haha

so i charged on, just basically making as many miles as i could. I started to think that if i got to the southwestern states with plenty of time, i could really see the sights i was hoping to see and also probably have time to take a day off & hang with my friend amy in AZ for a day. so thats pretty much how it went down.

I had a bit of a fucked up time the one night in topeka kansas. it got dark before i could find the campground i was looking for, then of course I was about to run out of gas, then some insane thunderstorms started coming at me from the horizon. funny how all that shit always seems to happen at the same time for some reason - dark, out of gas, thunderstorms. its the ultimate biker triple threat. its also goddamn bullshit. well i managed to find fuel at this super sketchy spot, then i was trying to find a place to setup my tent on the side of the road but i ended up riding down these long dirt roads, only to find that they were peoples driveways, no good. i asked around in town where i could get a hotel because it was after 12 at this point & a dude said 'oh man, you do not want a hotel around here. get back on the highway & go about 25 more minutes & you'll be safe'. onward i rode & found a motel 6, with a lobby full of tweakers & hookers. the guy behind the desk was behind bulletproof glass & we had to talk through a tiny slot. i didnt even give a fuck at that point. just wanted a bed. the room actually wasnt bad. slept, took a hot shower & watched some wild hogs to get amped up for the road.

by this point, i jumped off of the rt 70/40 route i was riding and headed south on 56?, then took that to 50 & continued west. 50 was real cool. i actually enjoyed kansas quite a bit. its still a bit boring but everything just felt huge. the sky, the roads - everything. i just kept on rolling until i cleared out of kansas. the timeline thing was fucking with me a bit. being the end of spring, the days are already super long which is great for riding. i dont mind riding at night but hell, its easier to see animals & kooky ass drivers when the suns out. so here i would be, riding from around 7am til 9pm or so everyday so far, but figure that i crossed a time zone at some point and gained an hour. there were at least a couple days i spent around 15 or 16 hours on that bike & pushed over 650-700 miles. i was stoked on how fast i was making it across. shit, i felt good on the bike so why stop? the whole idea of this trip was to ride & i was determined to do a lot of it. so anyhow, i get to western ks & check my phone - 7:30pm, i get on & ride into colorado. rode for an hour. checked my phone again - 7:30. well goddamn! i just rode probably 70 miles in zero minutes! i told you triumphs were fucking fast! (to be continued...)

check part 1 for the link to all the photos.

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  1. Zito, you fuckin rule. they're gonna build a statue of you in some town's square.