Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cross Country Trip, Part 1

I left my house in NJ on the afternoon of June 3rd, a Thursday. I had no real plans other than to ride west until I got to LA & then to head south until I met my friends on the cliffs over the ocean in Mexico. I was traveling solo on my 06 Triumph & just planning on camping all the way across & hopefully making the born free show in LA on saturday the 12th. I was packing relatively light & had modded the bike a bit from my full time adventure-enduro job to my touring bike. I put less aggro tires on it, upped the front sprocket one tooth, put some bars on with more sweep to relax my shoulders a bit, added a rack for my camping gear & a better front brake.

I managed to make it all the way across PA the 1st night. The weather was good right up until I got to the fun twisty roads up & over the mountains just south of pittsburgh. Just as I started heading up the mountains it started pouring. No sweat - just tossed on my rain gear. Dual sport tires on freshly wet pavement through the twisties isnt really all that confidence inspiring so I took it easy. Once I got back down on the other side of the mountains, it cleared up & it was smooth sailing. I rode until sundown & setup camp at a campground where I was the only person actually camping. I rode in & it was nothing but huge RVs. Not one person outside, not one camp fire. All I could see was the glow of big flat panel TVs inside. FYI - thats not camping. Oh well, it was nice out & super quiet aside from the hum of all the generators. I took a hot shower & slept like a champion.

The next day I was shooting to ride through pickerington ohio to visit the AMA motorcycle hall of fame. What a super cool place. They have special covered parking and lockers for bikes & riders and they have an epic collection of world famous race winning bikes throughout history. It was really nicely laid out & had a cool write up about each bike & racer. Many of them even had the leathers the racers were wearing when they took the checkered flag. In the actual hall of fame, they have plaques of every member of the hall of fame & a big screen playing videos of the racers at their most glorious moments. I hate to admit it, but I got a little choked up. What a really rad experience. I sat there watching the videos & reading all the plaques, thinking about races Ive been to over the years, short track, hill climb, road racing, land speed racing at bonneville - just gave me chills man. super stoked on that place. Definitely check it out if youre ever passing through ohio.

After the rad AMA hall of fame, I bombed westward for a while again & made it to western indiana. I was mainly taking route 40 & 70 for a good mix of mileage & scenery. The folks at the campground in indiana were super cool. The guy who ran the place also rode & we bullshitted for a while sharing stories from the road. I managed to get another hot shower. My tent was about a half mile from the shower so I just jumped on my bike & rode up. I rode back in just my shorts so I managed to air dry. Felt pretty damn nice. Again, slept like a baby, loaded up at sunrise & hit the road again.... (to be continued)

Here is the link to the slideshow for anyone who wants to see all the pics from this trip and even a few videos...


  1. ahhhhh man so stoked for you. a solo ride across the states to what seems like the best gathering of like minded individuals our bike scene has ever seen. consider yourself one lucky individual.

  2. HOLY SHIT.... solo? from jersey?

    you sir, take the "BadAss" trophy