Friday, June 4, 2010

breast wishes

safe ride for all of those doing the 2 wheel deal out to be born free

bro zito hit the road after work yesterday and checked in last night when he and his modified scrambler made it outside pittsburgh already. dude is backroading it all the way accross buy himself and camping each night along the way. when you see him if you notice a funny smell, thats from a lack of showers and an excess of non stop rugged manly 70+mph adventuring, take a deep breath and soak it in. he must be one of those guys that actually still rides because he likes to and not just to be cool... weirdo. we will be there but plans change as they often do and we are sitting in the flying coffin across. sucks we cant all be out there on the road, but we will see you on the other side friends

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  1. see ya out there hit me up be there on the 9th 347 415 5085 vander