Tuesday, June 22, 2010

born winner

When we decided to do the Born Free gift certificate, all that I really cared about is that it didn't go to waste to someone that didn't give a fuck. Jason aka 'Whiskey Tango' got in touch shortly after he walked away a winner. It was no panhead but who doesn't want a free sack of cool shit from those sponsors. Once he decided on the 'Live the Life' book and a FOTS tee among other things I knew it was going to someone that was way above average in gentlemanly quality, refined taste and superior style. Then he sent me the picture of him on his pan and introduced me to my favorite blog this week.

Dude cant be all bad, his wife is part of a blog with enough vintage jugs to give the Born Loser spot a run for its money. Put on your sweatpants to make some room and check out Way Out- SS On Wheels. I'm just stoked that our contribution landed in some road worn hands. Dig it

Congratulations Jason, your stuff is on route...

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