Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ride to Skate 4 = mind blown

I cant even begin to describe how amazed I am at how well the whole weekend went. I wont lie, I lost some sleep on more than a few nights throughout planning RTS4. I was freakin out (heh) a bit knowing that this one was going to be the biggest one yet. See the past 3 have basically just been a 'ride your bike down, hang out & skate type deal', which is cool & all and I did miss actually getting to skate with some friends during this one but man, the turnout, the people, the bikes, the bands, the awesome swag we got to raffle off - just the whole vibe throughout the weekend was perfect. It was most definately worth all the effort. Hearing people all over talking about it & seeing so many killer photos popping up really gets me stoked.

I need to thank Clarke first & foremost for all his help. He did almost all the legwork as far as getting the sponsors setup & having all the stuff shipped to him, rounding up the tables & making sense of how the hell we were going to get the swag to the people. Ive gotta thank D and the girls for all their help with everything from start to finish. Thanks to delaware josh and the FDR locals for all his hard work building & expanding the park, being trusted to use the funds we raised for the park wisely (he bought materials two days after the show & theyre already going to start building more this thursday!) - his chick also made up those sweet ride to skate shirts & they screened them themselves.

Now for the sponsors. We need to really give all these folks some serious credit for sending us so much great swag free of charge.

amplified design
47 industries
kilby deuce
shane oneils infamous tattoo
CL customs
lowside syndicate
classic cycles ltd
four aces
bolts action
born loser
chop cult
death machine
freedom machinery
high speed hi death
lowbrow customs
loser machine
never again
pangea speed
switch skate and snow
hippy killer
no shame custom works
depalma clothing
powell - bones
deep 6
kundratic kustoms
Made Cheap

I need to give up a super special thanks to ryart for the amazing job he did on the RTS helmet; the folks that came down to the event in person like Hank and his bro from never again, walter from kickstart, CL customs for the killer 'ride and destroy' leather belt, alex from amp design for the parking help, the hated of the world crew, true east (ie just marco because the rest of true east are lame & didnt show! haha), matt & tim from loaded, heather & rich from lowside, mike & ryan from 47 industries, kung fu necktie for hosting the killer bands & having a perfect place for a shitload of bikes to park at the preparty... man, i really could go on & on. i am just super thankful for everyone & everthing that made this weekend amazing. please let me know if i missed anyone. if so, it was a total accident & i apologize.

keep sending us links to your photo albums. i keep seeing plenty of new stuff in each album & i love it. i missed some of the action here & there since i was sort of running around like a kook. sorry to anyone i didnt get to talk to very long & real sorry i didnt at least get some mini rampin in with my favorite dudes. i didnt even touch my board all day, aside from the post party ramp jam at my pad with vander, texas, kat & marco. thats right, we had a pre-pre party, a pre-party, the actual party & then a post party. thats some serious shit right there!


  1. We gotta thank you guys as well for organizing an awsome event. Im sorry it took so long for us to make it out. Great time.

  2. It fuckin ruled, now start organizing one for the fall. chop chop, get to it!