Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get ready motherfuckers!

So sorry I havent been adding anything here lately. Fortunately my bro's Clarke & D hold down the fort quite nicely with some excellent posts. All the titties on here have now made my work access block the site & hopefully they dont cut me loose for just some ta-tas here & there. Not like theres a picture of me hitting a little BS slasher over a gigantic graffiti vagina in the deep end of the peanut at FDR.... oh, wait.

Anyhow, I've just been losing my goddamn mind getting everything lined up for the big weekend, trying to get the scrambler ready for the big ride out to the born free show/biltwell 500 and all the other normal everyday life stuff. This is all stuff thats pretty worthy of losing ones mind over so I just go with it for now.

This weekend should be completely killer. The weather forecast is looking awesome, a pretty decent amount of sponsors have been kickin down some last minute goodies and ive been hearing about a lot of different crews coming in from all over the place for the show. Just be sure to have your bikes dialed enough to get to the show, if it breaks down near the show & you push it in for a couple miles (like brent did last year), my pad is real close and ive got plenty of tools & fab shit to get your ride back on the road. Also, make sure your cameras have plenty of film/memory/charge/battery - or whatever else it needs to shoot all the action throughout the day. We need to compile all the shots & show everyone who missed it so they can cry themselves to sleep at night.

Either way, I'm just about getting to the point where the stress is subsiding & I'm getting stoked. I cant wait to see everyone & hope everyone goes home with some great memories, photos, swag & maybe even some new skateboarding scars.


  1. Im ready. A free beer for anyyone that hugs Flathead Jay for his birthday. Its the least I can do after he punches your throat. Its on. (offer only good for victims of throat punches)

  2. dude. it fuckin rocked. so glad I was able to come support the show. Have fun in Wildwood.....