Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ride to Skate Preparty

The details are set and final. So fuckin stoked to have my 3 favorite bands in the Philly area coming together to throw down this show for us. All of these guys are solid friends and even if they didnt plug in it would be a real good time. Friends are rad. Lowside Magazine having issue 2 done and having their release party there is the last wrinkle to work out. Choppahead DVD's playing on the tubes to watch Big Truth for some eye candy. Real cool bar and PBR pounders. Its an early show so dont slack. Here's the deal. Saturday, May 15th. $5 cover. Doors open at 7 and bands to start around 7:30. The Kung Fu Necktie is at 1250 North Front Street, 2 blocks off of Girard in the Northern Liberties/Fishtown section of Philly.

Backwoods Payback- It was just reported that these guys have a measurable effect on church attendance. After a Backwoods show, people either go more or never again. Rumor has it that Mike used to roadie for G.G Allen but got asked to leave because he rocked and partied too hard.

Kingsnake- I hung out and skated with Bill in high school. He showed the auto shop teacher how to make his car faster, got sex ed canceled... forever, worked off detention time by giving the music teacher lessons, and made the school councelor quit and see a shrink. When it got back to Clutch that they sounded similiar, Neal Fallon drove up from Maryland, said he was sorry and cut Bill's grass for the summer.

American Speedway- is ok.
If I said anything more about how much Speedway kills the show, Kerchner's enourmous mellon head would get even bigger. I'm already sick of hearing about it everywhere I go "Oohhh, do you know Speedway? Dont you just love Speedway? Everyone cool loves Speedway. I want to have all of Speedway's babies. I would be an anal drug mule if I could only do meth with Speedway" Ok mom, I'll tell them... Fuck. Sometimes I just wish American Speedway didnt rock so good.

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