Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ride to skate 4 update

just to update the deal if you dont already know...

Sunday, May 16th at FDR park in Philly at 10:00 am
A bunch of bastards on bikes from US to Brit to Jap to Dego and stuff in between. From new fancy to old stock. From stight and clean to oily rust buckets (mine). Last year was so cool just to see everyones take on what a bike should look and feel like and to shoot the shit with some good dudes and have no bad vibes. Some that skated and most that didnt. Its all good. This year there are some sweet little additions to the deal. We got an amazing amount of support from the sponsors in the way of goodies for the raffle to help fund the park. The box of stuff almost knocked out my back and its still coming in. Another change this year is the help from Delaware Josh that is lining up some heavy skate action at one of the sickest parks around no matter where youre from. Word of some fun half cocked skate contests to either hurt yourself at or have a laugh. There is also a stacked list of bands playing the gig this time that will come to a boil with Chuck Treece and way back skate band legend McRad sealing the deal. We also welcome any non suck skate or motorchopper related booth activity. From some every man for himself swap meet spots to a couple confirmed solid guys bringing the goods from their company. The deal is that if you make some loot it would be cool to kick a little back to the park if you didnt already give some gear. The food is also coming together with some bbq for purchase and the triumphant return of Honest Tom's taco truck. Super good dude that I feel bad for having to serve us out of the metal box instead of riding his bike down. There may or may not be some beer for sale and you quite possibly could or couldnt bring your own. I dont know and wont say even if I did. Read between the lines. Do your thing, be cool, get some fun. Did I mention the day is as free as the dirty air youll be breathin unless you want to buy something. Below is a sketchy ass map to print if it helps anyone. The close, cheap, clean hotel is marked. Quality Inn Gloucester, NJ for the out of towners. Word is that the Baltimore squad is rolling up in full force, some of the Hated and Choppahead boys from Boston, some friends from all over PA, Jersey, New York, Delaware, possibly Ohio and other far off spots.

Saturday, May 15th at the Kung Fu Necktie in Philly at 7:30 pm
Our good friend Chickenhead is giving up his quality bar the Kung Fu Necktie for the night for a preparty that will be well worth the measly $5 cover. Hell, it costs $4 to even get out of Jersey and they dont even sing at you or have beer at the toll booths. Superior heavy rock badass noise from the likes of American Speedway, Kingsnake who is releasing their new cd, and a 3rd band t.b.a. Our friends at Lowside are also trying to get issue 2 wrapped up to have a release party at the bar as if there wasnt already enough. It is going to be a weekend to remember.

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