Wednesday, April 14, 2010

make it happen

this is jay, making a call. jay makes all sorts of stuff...

jay made this shovel, in his girlfriends kitchen, where the table usually went. he made her his wife not long after the bike was done.

this is the garage that jay made where he helped most of us around here make our first bike.

jay made a flathead called the harlum davison with a pickinny head shifter that either made people upset or made them laugh.

jay made a mini ramp in high school, he has made countless good memories and bad nicknames for everyone, jay has made us laugh uncontrollably many times, the man made the trip to litterally pick me up off the ground at my lowest point ever, jay makes life more interisting and helped make me who i am today.

this is the kid he made, that he named after a motorcycle part. jay will hopefully make him into a man like himself one day. at that point, when there is two of them, god help us all, no one is safe from being made a fool.

like i said, jay makes stuff happen.

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