Monday, April 19, 2010

long live the king

headed over the bridge to meet up with bro zito and ride out to our secret favorite parts spot
perfect day for it...
...a weekday with good weather
zitos finely tuned trophy gets going a lot quicker then my old leaky bitch pan
pull up at the spot and this is in the lot
the light of the world
dude said most people arent allowed in the back anymore, joe sweet talked him
this place has rooms and rooms of stuff stashed everywhere
you may need a tetnis shot if youre not careful
futuristic viking ship sailing down a river in outer space
my head was spinning from the smell and feel of the fading history in the air
nick the man wasnt around to haggle prices, left some real cool stuff behind
security system
kickin it
most of the locals know exactly where this is. some have been there a bunch of times and never even seen the barns, chicken coops, sheds, or old school bus filled with old parts. this was my third and possibly final time in the fields of dreams. we dont exactly tell everyone about it because its like a well that has a rising bottom. i went through the rack of z bars and everything was either completely hacked or tweaked. that supply has been run down and lost. 
nick will ask you what you are looking for and what you have and what you want to do with the parts you are asking about. he cares about what its going on and if he doesnt agree with your decision he will give you a price that reflects it. you cant call up and say you are looking for an old part and expect them to go through the piles for you. you cant even show up some times and just expect them to unlock the back doors. they are good old school dudes and because of that, they have held on to a huge part of motorcycle history that they let go in small amounts to who they want to.
when the dude said nick is having a $1 part sale for anything in the back vaults, me and joe stopped breathing for a couple seconds. there is a catch. there is a million dollar minimum. whoever can get up that scratch will rule a dirty beautiful world of old american made metal for quite a while. its because of this, that we may never get through the doors again. if you are in the central part of old jersey, try to stop by, try to sweet talk them, try to be cool or they will flat out ignore your request, try to pick through it before its all gone and sold off on some ebay type outlet for top dollar. these guys and the place they have created have my respect and best wishes for the sale and the road ahead. it wont be long before the used parts section becomes a story that you have a hard time believing yourself. here you go

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