Wednesday, April 21, 2010

down for life

Got an order in the shop yesterday and got in touch with the man on the other end. This is what I got back.

"we're really just normal guys like all of you also..."
"My name is Glenn Field - I've been in the Air Force for 20 years now, retiring when I get home and riding a 71 Trump chopped and dropped down to San Antonio, TX from NYC. My friend Chris has it now, and just so happens to want a Harley instead on account of his room mate being Keino Sasaki... I've dug bikes and skated since I was about 15, just like almost everyone else I know, I guess... The worst part of being here is wanting to ride so bad. It's freedom - we don't have it here (we Americans, I don't much care about the Iraqi's anymore) that I miss more than anything, being on the road...
But that's what we do - some folks pick up the trash. I carry a gun and give up my freedoms every now and again. We all have a job to do, and that's mine. ?besides, I get to carry all sorts of guns and legally buy switch's... even tho we got the outfit and haircut, we're still out to freak people out...
Don't take the ability to ride for granted, no matter how bad the weather, or whatever excuse you got. You could be more than a few steps from your garage... Get out there for us!"

I was in the middle of what felt like important work when I read this. I got up, walked out and left the house for a ride. I was on familiar roads but looked around a little differently this time. To say guys like this that put it on the line have our thanks, support and respect seems to fall way short. Be safe and get home soon. Beers on me brother. Thanks for doing what most cant or wont.


  1. good shit right here man. glenn - thanks so much for your service. i would never have the balls to do what you do. you are so right about never taking the ability to ride for granted. i try to ride everyday, all year, no matter what, even if the weather sucks. so many kooks only ride if its a sunday, sunny, 80 degrees with no wind - those dudes need their bikes taken away & given to our veterans when they come home. give us a holler when you're back man - we definitely need to put in some miles.

  2. Thanks fellas, I appreciate the words... I'm actually supposed to ship out to Kuwait (after a year here) tomorrow night and then be home in a couple of weeks. The trip up to get the bike should be mid-late June.. I will be rollin through, and look forward to ridin a bit..

  3. Get home safe, Glenn. Ride free means something totally different to those of us who've been there. Party like it's 1947!