Monday, March 1, 2010


Finally got to tear into the bottom end of a unit Triumph this weekend. I've done everything to my own motor except split the cases so it was pretty neat to venture into uncharted territory. To our surprise, the sludge trap on our seized 650 was nearly spotless. Although, the failure of this one motor in particular was a holed piston, seized wrist pin, melted rings, etc. Most likely due to poor timing, poorly tuned carbs, pushing the motor too hard, etc, so the oiling system wasn't really in question. I gotta say, I am real lucky Dave is patient with letting me pick it apart at a beginners pace so I can mentally absorb what's going on inside that handsome aluminum case. I know I took about 5 times longer to tear this one down that already had the top end off, than he would tear a complete one down. I am real stoked to be learning so much there while making a little scratch on the side. I just wish I could put more than just one day's work in per week. Weeks need to be a few days longer.

Between working my regular job, the shop on saturdays, working on my own shit, hanging with my lovely & very understanding wife (and ornery dog), getting some skateboarding in on occasion & taking care of regular life stuff I havent had too much spare time. Been lacking on my posts here but spring is about to be sprung & I should at least have some new photos once I start spending more time doing outdoor stuff again.

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