Saturday, March 20, 2010

I wanna be free to ride my machine

without bein hassled by the man! Friday I was takin a ride up to see Clarke at FOTS HQ. This was my first real ride since the shovels diet. There was a cop in the left lane with a broken down vehicle in front of him. The light turned red with me right next to the man. I asked if it was ok to make the left around him. He said sure then asked where my front fender was, then pulled me over. I didnt get a ticket but was given a list of things I need to do within 30 days, like clear lens headlight, inspection, baffles, front fender and horizontal tag. After I get them done I gotta show up at the station and confirm it all. Im not complainin cause he could of hit me with some fines. The thing that bugged me was in between giving me shit he would tell stories of his 76 flh, or his drag 79 that his brother built for him that blew up in the middle of no where. He knew what he was talking about for the most part. I just didn't add up. I hope this isnt a sign of the times for this season. Heads up PA riders.


  1. i can't believe a front fender is a requirement... dumb.

  2. you shoulda just popped out "FL's SUCK" and see where it went. I've had the EXACT same deal happen; it's very fun to pull up to the local PD on your chop after "fixing" it; the cops there really dig seeing you pull up and park. I felt like a black dude at a KKK rally.