Sunday, March 14, 2010


-I came across these sweet pics of the Galloping Goose MC. I thought you might like them. They are from here in Sheridan, Wyoming in the early 70's. You can post them if you like. All I know is that they had a branch here for quite a while, and were tight with the El Forastero MC. I've heard the police finally drove them out of this cowboy town. There are still a few insiders or ex-members around. My tattoo guy hung with them back in the day and gave me the photos to copy. He even owned a couple of the bikes pictured later on. Thanks, Roger

Real cool of you to send them over and share. Thanks man.


  1. Haha. That's my hometown. Some friends of mines dads were members or just buddies with them. I remeber hearinf=g rumours that to get in you had to rape a chcik or screw over your best friend. I think there's about 3 non evo harleys running around sheridan now. Too bad.

  2. Dick Hershburg started the GG which was named after his bike. Look Dick up for some cool bikes, he built one every year.

  3. Sheridan is my hometown... mom blew town before I was old enough to protest it, though.
    I shot a link to this post over to my Uncle Jody to see if he or my dad knew any of these hombres, this is what he said:

    "I know (knew) a few of them. Charlie Palmer is one name which I can remember. Shooter know's them all. Ken Burge, was the Pres. I 'think' he lost it when he had to lay his bike down. Can recognize the faces of the others, but didn't know them well (Navy '72-'75). Charlie is still in Sheridan and turning wrench's for a used car lot. Good people, all."

    As an aside, the aforementioned Shooter is my dad. He's been slingin' paint up there for decades, and he's pretty in-the-know about anything moto-related that goes on up that way. I'll have to hit him up, see what kinda photos he's got archived away.
    Anyway, badass post. Badass pics. Fuck yeah for some Sheridan love.

    1. I had my bicycle painted in that garage in '74. Pretty groovy work they did along w/ the weilding from busting it up near the swing.

  4. These are X-mas cards of what was my "family" for almost 14 years....was married to Chaz in those brothers a girl could ever have....
    One question to Roger, the guy who posted your Tat Guy's name Danny by any chance?
    And Dusty...your comments are insulting.
    See the Corvette in the far left side ofthe second picture down...I still have it!

  5. It's good to see these old flicks of some of the Brothers. If anyone has more old pics put em up or e-mail them to me, a copy of course. I would like to start collecting them to put up on the Galloping Goose MC web site. Love & Respect Dirt, MFer 1%er Galloping Goose, SoCal Charter

  6. Dusty I miss you EFMC!!! Great man devoted brother!!!

  7. I kno people who will appreciate these ;) thankz!