Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chopper Nightmares...

Last night I was having a pleasant dream of riding my XLCH chopper with a big group of friends on a run. i was so stoked to have the bike up & running after so much time & work. we pulled over for a minute & shut the bikes down. then when everyone fired up to take off again, my XLCH would not start. kickin & kickin - felt like 100 fuckin times, everyone got tired of waiting & took off. i was kickin my goddamn brains out with not even a puff of hope. i mustve actually been kickin my foot in bed because i woke myself up kicking hard & sweating my ass off.

funny - in my dream i kept thinking.'aw fuck this shit! i shouldve rode the triumph!' i gave the sporty a dirty look this morning as i fired the triumph up on the 1st kick & rode to work.


  1. I can remember one time my sporty bringing me to tears! Totally a love/hate relationship!

  2. I had a dream that the pan kicked first time once. Woke up with morning iron in the pants.