Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I used to have what I thought was such a crap job years ago at a sketchy little fun park. I fixed the go carts, cut the grass, kicked out the trouble makers, took out trash swarming with bees, and did whatever else I had too. One day me and Bill the Thrill were out in the lot and I picked up a rock and launched it about as far as I could... and watched it come down.. and hit a rabbit in the head and knocked it out cold. Rabbits have been fucking with kids for years. I just happened to get lucky and even the score a little.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Official Ride to Skate 4 Flyer!

There it is folks! Spread the word! This is the only bike event in the area aimed directly toward people who build their own sickles by any means possible. The venue could not be more perfect as FDR skatepark is also hand built by the locals by any means possible. more blood, sweat & beers have gone into FDR than anyone can imagine so the place has a soul just like a well built chopper. its raw as fuck, not perfect by any means, sometimes kind of a bitch to deal with and will throw you down & destroy you in a split second. ive been skating FDR since it was a slab of blacktop with a concrete ledge & two pyramids & to see it come along as far as it has over the years is mind blowing. just like seeing a fucking shitpile of old parts in the corner of your garage that looks nothing like a usable motorcycle & making it into something amazing.

not only will this be the sickest home built cycle show in the area, we teamed up with another good local dude who is putting out a DIY philly punk comp with some of the best bands in the area and beyond. our man chuck treece will be leading the lengendary philly skate punk band McRad so prepare to have your ears as well as your mind blown. our other man delaware josh, a very essential dude as far as building & ripping the park is organizing some skate related action for any & all to participate in such as a possible smoke bomb time trial around the park, spine contest & a janky micro quarter contest as well. also vert dogs, dont forget - we fixed up the vert ramp last year & its good to go, and for the mini-ramp champs, we've got you covered as well. we've also lined up some grub, merch/swap & most importantly some amazing sponsors who have put up a ton of awesome stuff for us to sell & raffle off & every red cent we raise on this day will go directly into the park. being a hand built park that gets used and abused as much as it does, it constantly needs repair, paint & of course, expansion is always a goal. just like the best custom sickle, its never done & always needs attention. so stuff some cash in your pocket for some killer stuff & to help us raise some loot for the park - strap your board to your bars or sissybar & plan on spending all day with the scum under 95 in south philly. it will be a day you will never forget.

for those coming in from far away, there will be various things going on the night before. there is also a shitload of hotels in the area & dont forget philly international is about a 5 minute cab ride to the park so if any of you high rollers wanna cash in your frequent flyer miles, this would be the time. perhaps we can arrange for a sack to crack chopper shuttle for an extra twist of excitement! get in touch with clarke, D or me for details if your seriously making a long haul to come out. we will do our best to make sure your stoked.

any sponsors who are on-board & havent mailed their goodies yet, please contact Clarke or me within the next few weeks so we can be sure to get your shit in time for the show. thanks a ton for everyones generosity & i hope all of our sponsors can make it to the event because it will be worth the trip down for sure.

spread the word on all your blogs & sickle related pages please!

super duper

over the course of the year we all pile up shit we dont need and need shit we dont have. for anyone near the keystone state's capitol, the harrisburg super swap is this sunday. lots of shit to dig through under one roof and plenty of deals to be had. stop by our junk spot, insult kyle, and I may give you a beer

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Max Knows

I Rule, you should too. Its funny that this was in the mail after I got home from yankin the trans from Clarke's Pan. Guess thats just the way it goes sometimes.

I wanna be free to ride my machine

without bein hassled by the man! Friday I was takin a ride up to see Clarke at FOTS HQ. This was my first real ride since the shovels diet. There was a cop in the left lane with a broken down vehicle in front of him. The light turned red with me right next to the man. I asked if it was ok to make the left around him. He said sure then asked where my front fender was, then pulled me over. I didnt get a ticket but was given a list of things I need to do within 30 days, like clear lens headlight, inspection, baffles, front fender and horizontal tag. After I get them done I gotta show up at the station and confirm it all. Im not complainin cause he could of hit me with some fines. The thing that bugged me was in between giving me shit he would tell stories of his 76 flh, or his drag 79 that his brother built for him that blew up in the middle of no where. He knew what he was talking about for the most part. I just didn't add up. I hope this isnt a sign of the times for this season. Heads up PA riders.


Of all the possible boobage, by far the hottest. Taken from the DePalma blog.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

mad max

my man mad max from corpses from hell, england did a couple amazing ads for us for chop cult. a freaking out skull & a cult that chops stuff... sounds good

i will get this as a tattoo when they figure out how to make it move like it does on the cc.

thanks max... you rule

get on it

either the guys at DePalma are real cool or a bit crazy. just fill out the form and enter to win this sweet mamma jamma

this is what the paint is going to look like. sick all day long

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chopper Nightmares...

Last night I was having a pleasant dream of riding my XLCH chopper with a big group of friends on a run. i was so stoked to have the bike up & running after so much time & work. we pulled over for a minute & shut the bikes down. then when everyone fired up to take off again, my XLCH would not start. kickin & kickin - felt like 100 fuckin times, everyone got tired of waiting & took off. i was kickin my goddamn brains out with not even a puff of hope. i mustve actually been kickin my foot in bed because i woke myself up kicking hard & sweating my ass off.

funny - in my dream i kept thinking.'aw fuck this shit! i shouldve rode the triumph!' i gave the sporty a dirty look this morning as i fired the triumph up on the 1st kick & rode to work.

Monday, March 15, 2010

kick it

after 3 long months of an ass job from mother nature, its supposed to stop raining tomorrow and be 60 degrees and sunny for a couple days

the tune up work is done on the pan and i'm 1 very small part away from gettin it on down the road. feel like a kid on christmas eve again

Philly Local Bike Deal

Poached from Amp Designs on the JJ for anyone into it.

"Ok I usually dont do alot of the bike nights, but a friend of mine is running it and its at a bar I like. Its at the Brickhouse in Willow Grove, Pa, on Wed, St Patty's Day, March 17th, from 4-10pm. Nice bar, lots of kinds of beer, and hot waitresses wearing minimal outfits, so who's going or want to meet up and show the "bike night crowd" some real garage built bikes! I think they were having a bike contest with prizes and trophies if anybody cares for that to."

Sunday, March 14, 2010


-I came across these sweet pics of the Galloping Goose MC. I thought you might like them. They are from here in Sheridan, Wyoming in the early 70's. You can post them if you like. All I know is that they had a branch here for quite a while, and were tight with the El Forastero MC. I've heard the police finally drove them out of this cowboy town. There are still a few insiders or ex-members around. My tattoo guy hung with them back in the day and gave me the photos to copy. He even owned a couple of the bikes pictured later on. Thanks, Roger

Real cool of you to send them over and share. Thanks man.

Friday, March 12, 2010

to hell and back

i dig this spot, even though they hate you

make your mark

matt from hill country beat me to it. well done guy

fots/ryzart snake burnout


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shovel Trouble

So I snuck out a bit to put some miles on the peyote sunrise. I got it back together on Sunday and went around the block a few times. The plan today was to see what problems would rear their ugly heads, and of course they did. She wouldn't go in a straight line at any speed to save my ass. It was miserable, fought her the whole way. Got back to the garage without major incident but I was pretty bummed. I have a few ideas of what the issue is and plan to address them this weekend. Oh well cant win em all, plus there is always the good feelin you get when the problem is fixed.

In the meantime enjoy my fancy fisheye photo. I caved and got an iphone, I know, but man is it cool

hi-bond mod

some of jason jessee's array of splendor just hit the doorstep this fine day and is now available for the gettin in the freakin shop

thanks jason & jen. stay gold

Monday, March 8, 2010


I've been lucky enough to have my hands deep into some Truimph bottom ends/trannys the past couple weekends at the shop. No better way to build up my skills in areas I was still unsure of than to be elbows deep in it right? I always love thinking of everything going on within my bike when I'm out for a long solo ride. Ill think about the air getting sucked into the filter, through the concentric carb picking up fuel vapor from the main jet, the intake valves opening alternately, the mixture being drawn in, valves close, igntion/combustion, exhaust valves alternately opening, spent fuel & air rushing through those pipes & out the cocktail shakers. Then I think of the energy now being used to spin the crank thats turning the cam gears, cams, cams pushing the pushrods up, rocking the rockers & opening their respective valves in perfect time & the oil pump pumping and the spinning rotor within the stator, sending electricity to my battery, the primary chain whizzing inside the cover, spinning the clutch & now that I'm understanding the transmission a bit better these days, i can see in my mind the clutch turning the mainshaft/layshaft & gears, turning that final drive chain that turns my rear wheel & propels me down the road. It amazes me to no end the mechanical magic within an engine especially one thats as good looking and sounding as the lovely triumph twin.
went on a nice little blast around my personal circuit around philly last night. carving some corners, winding out the revs = pure heaven. i still have no clue how a motorcycle ride can so efficiently clear ones head of stress & worry like no other thing on earth.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where's Zito?

Remember that post from months back where I mentioned meeting Lance Mountain at FDR & posted the pic I took of him & Dan Tag? My good bud Bob sent me this photo of Lance rippin the peanut bowl from Transworld Skateboarding's site. See if you can find the hidden Zito. (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

rock em sock em

being from the city of brotherly love... i dig this song

eat lightning and crap thunder

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ghost riders in the sky

Monument in the Ukraine for fallen riders.

compute my ass

i was this close to losing it today...

had some issues with the checkout part of the online store but we had our best crew on the job. things should go smoother now

thanks to everyone that let us know and Jut for dialing it in

Monday, March 1, 2010


Finally got to tear into the bottom end of a unit Triumph this weekend. I've done everything to my own motor except split the cases so it was pretty neat to venture into uncharted territory. To our surprise, the sludge trap on our seized 650 was nearly spotless. Although, the failure of this one motor in particular was a holed piston, seized wrist pin, melted rings, etc. Most likely due to poor timing, poorly tuned carbs, pushing the motor too hard, etc, so the oiling system wasn't really in question. I gotta say, I am real lucky Dave is patient with letting me pick it apart at a beginners pace so I can mentally absorb what's going on inside that handsome aluminum case. I know I took about 5 times longer to tear this one down that already had the top end off, than he would tear a complete one down. I am real stoked to be learning so much there while making a little scratch on the side. I just wish I could put more than just one day's work in per week. Weeks need to be a few days longer.

Between working my regular job, the shop on saturdays, working on my own shit, hanging with my lovely & very understanding wife (and ornery dog), getting some skateboarding in on occasion & taking care of regular life stuff I havent had too much spare time. Been lacking on my posts here but spring is about to be sprung & I should at least have some new photos once I start spending more time doing outdoor stuff again.