Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ride to Skate 4, FDR skatepark, Philly 5/16/10

Ride to Skate at FDR part 4 will be happening May 16th! Flyer is in the works so keep an eye out for it. I've enlisted the help of a few comrades this time around so I dont lose my mind trying to do it all alone. I'm rounding up sponsors to donate goods & coupons for services to raffle off. I've already got quite a few excellent ones on board. 47Industries, Kickstart Cycle, Thirties Brand, Loaded Skateboards & Kilby Deuce. Shane O'Neils Infamous Tattoo donated a $200 gift cert and CLCustoms is making a killer custom leather belt to raffle off. I'm sure there will be much more on board over the next couple months. All proceeds will be going directly to the park to buy more concrete, coping & paint. I'm sure this harsh winter is fucking up the concrete for sure so we'll have our work cut out for us come spring. We will have food, plenty of room for people to bring some shit to sell or swap & most importantly live bands, rad bikes & the best fucking DIY park in the east! McRad is in for sure along with a couple other bands. I was smart enough this time to be sure there are no home games so we dont have to deal with tailgaters this time around.

I may also be having a small BBQ/ramp jam at my house the night before. My ramp is pretty fuckin small but its in my yard & I have a grill for burgers & dogs. Also, I live in Gloucester City, NJ so there is as many bars in my town as there are houses if thats your thing. There is a hotel about 100' from my house for people to crash at Saturday night & I'm about a 10 minute ride to the park so Sunday AM should be a breeze. Lets do it motherfuckers! Spread the word!

Feel free to contact me if you want to donate anything for the raffle or you have any questions and/or comments.



    We're coming up from VA on Saturday sometime, hopefully with a full crew.

    PEANUT CITY GEEKS boy-eeee.

  2. yes sir, peanut city will be in affect

  3. Yeah I'm gonna definitely make this one, riding down from Brooklyn. Could you please post an address for the park for the GPS. Thanks!