Monday, February 8, 2010

DC memories

The past couple years in May, our good bud T.I. from the killer band King Giant & Ironhorse magazine has had a pretty sweet one night party down in DC. I love the kind of trips that are actually only about 24 hours or so but make you feel like youve been out riding for days. We take the long way & back roads down there & back & its always a great ride. The party is always a blast with tons of killer bikes from all over, rad people & great bands. Rivet also has scored us some swanky hotels the past couple years & we always seem to get to pig out on pizza at retarded hours in the early AM after the party. With all this goddamn snow we are getting, I need to keep my mind on the fact that spring is just over a month away & we should only have to suffer with this shitty weather a little bit longer. Im hoping Todd throws another event because its surely one I look forward to.

Also - Ride to skate 4 will be happening in May as well. Trying to get the date dialed & the flyer made up but its definately another event that should not be missed. Keep your eyes & ears open for details coming up in the next couple weeks.


  1. Will not miss ride to skate this time!!!!!!

  2. Hey Joe, I wanna check out that DC show with you guys. As long as it isn't May 1st (my brother is getting married). Hit me up when you get the details.

    ------Joe Fultano