Thursday, January 7, 2010

Homecoming king & queen

October 2008, I bought a 1968 XLCH, built in the early 70s. It has been my ongoing project since then & most likely will not be done until around spring 2011. It feels like its taking forever but whats a few years to a bike thats been around for 42? It will look the same, but a lot different. Thats all I'm givin' up for now.
This day was one of my favorite days ever. Loaded up the van with my wife, dog & a ramp & hit the road. Someone tipped me off to this sweet 2 wheeled psychedelic gem on craigslist & all I could see in the ad were a couple crappy pictures. Met the dude bright & early & he was as cool as could be. We loaded 'er up & I was off. Only trouble we had was the bike decided to lay down in the back of the van & it almost mashed our new puppy. Fortunately he was untouched & still quite stoked on the whole situation.
I remember how bad this fucking bike smelled. A good bad though. Like a musty old seat and 30 year old gas & oil. Sort of like the smell of an old junkyard. I was getting caught up on the nostalgia of the whole thing but after looking the beast over & deciding it was basically an unrideable death trap with 10 lbs of bondo probably hiding some chicken wire & shoelaces holding the neck on, a springer that was built like a $10 swingset & a complete mystery of motor since it hadnt run in years.
I decided that as rad as this piece of history was, I needed to make it my own so I quickly got down to tearing it into a million pieces, basically only keeping the motor. I know - what a shame to end the life of a legit early 70s death trap like that, but I assure you - when she rises again to shake the earth & hammer out the miles day & night - she will be in the best shape she's been since 1968.

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  1. ahhh... the peyote sunrise tin set with the photo of the naked sleeping dude stuffed in the tank. amazing