Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Classic Cycles...

I've been working for my friend Dave (see pic) at his shop Classic Cycles Ltd. in Baptistown, NJ on Saturdays for the past month now. Its certainly been one of the best things I've ever had going. I get to build wheels & work on amazing classic british bikes, hang with two of the greatest dudes ever, Dave & Bob, I get to learn about all sorts of vintage Brit bikes - inside & out and I also bring in some extra scratch to spend on my own projects. Its a bit of a haul at around an hour & 20 minutes or so but it's definately worth it. I'm looking forward to the days when its not 15 degrees when I leave my pad so I can ride up & back because theres some decent roads between my house & the shop.

This could officially be considered a shameless plug for Classic Cycles but I guarantee, if you have a vintage british machine or are looking to get into a project bike & need a little help or even if you're looking to buy a fully restored bike - you need to give us a holler. Dave knows every inch of these bikes & has a shitload of high quality parts in stock. Come by & he'll gladly give you the tour. Nevermind the ugly tattooed weirdo in the back wrenching on stuff.

check out the site here -


Classic Cycles Ltd.
1021 Route 519
PO Box 163
Baptistown, NJ 08803
Phone :: (908)-996-5337
Fax :: (908)-996-7734

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