Wednesday, December 9, 2009

xmas came early for one little boy

Good news from the mean streets of Philly. The Brain at Hated of the World got his bike back. Someone read about it posted on a forum and saw the bike outside of a bar. Within minutes he had it back and it was still in good condition. This shit doesn't happen too often where you get back what was taken from you. The Brain must have good karma and hopefully the fucks that were borrowing it will get syphilis. Thanks from him to all the bastards that kept an eye out. Stay clean. -Clarke

Brain, you're lucky that this little chicklet didn't have it. You would have had all that sexy chocolate sauce to clean up. And look some got on her too, cause shes messy and naughty. I'm just sayin... you're lucky man.

1 comment:

  1. ahh nice! shame we couldnt have all been waiting outside for the fucking scumbag to try to jump back on it. all theives should have all their teeth removed at once via cinder block.