Sunday, December 6, 2009

village of the special people

when me and my friends were younger we had a couple of rules. you cant call shotgun until you can see the car and there is someone to witness you calling it. you dont mess with your friends food, girl or family. if you do, you get a punch in the face. and you dont make fun of the retards, because you will have a fucked up kid. these are but a few that come to mind. now that im older i think rules with good friends are unspoken. like the fucked up things i am thinking about saying about the mongoloid village here, but im not going to because i dont want to have a big forehead, drooling, nit wit, goofy bastard of a kid

id love to know the story behind this photo that i found. choppers, chicks and mongoloids? it boggles the mind. and no i did not put the stars on her fun bags

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