Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow Crash

well i tried. its been around the 20s & 30s in south jersey & ive been riding to work everyday as usual. again, i must praise the glory of proper winter riding gear. this morning, a little less than an inch of snow was on the ground & i figured what the hell, ill give it a shot.

goddamn was it slippery as fuck. haha - those big knobbies dont do shit on ice or hardpacked snow. i made it about 70% of the way to work & notice i was on the wrong side of an edge of the old concrete slab road. tires caught the edge & i managed to work a left side flat track slide for quite a bit before the ass came around & the bike & i slid for a bit on my ass. saw some sparks but i was on my feet before the bike & i stopped sliding. i was only going around 30 in second gear.

picked the bike right up & noticed my clutch lever & shifter pin were missing. rolled off to the shoulder & the lady behind me hollered out 'you alright?' i said 'yep - totally fine' & she split. i didnt fall hard but im pretty sure the armor in my suit took the edge off the initial dump. looked the bike over - everything is fine. fortunately i dumped it on the left side & didnt destroy my pipes. couple bar end scrapes, shifter pin, clutch lever broke - that is all.

wife came & got me - we laughed about it. got my work van, picked up a couple guys from work & went & loaded up the bike. ordered the parts via bikebandit as soon as i got to work - 26 bux.

good old scram has yet another story to tell. this was her first road crash but she's been crashed in the woods more times than i can count. fucker is a two wheeled tank. out of all the crashes, this is only the 2nd time i had to buy a couple cheap parts.


  1. i've got a ton of take offs for these bikes in my garage, so if you even need engine covers, levers, or shit like that again just gimme a holler!

  2. Glad to see you walked away from lowsidin' it. Hit me up if you need a hand wrenchin on it (not likely. HA!)