Saturday, December 12, 2009

a single moment in time

i love it when the old friends get together and start talking about all of the fun, meaningful and stupid things we've done. i wish we started this blog when we met over 20 years and countless good times ago. the things we do today our kids are going to look back on and think about what we were like when we were young and foolish. if their dad was a solid guy, a boring square, a reckless bad ass, a coward, or if they don't know their dad at all or what to think. i have the greatest fucked up funny friends in the world that are amazing parents that are giving their kids so much to be proud of and remember with a smile. when i found this picture it simply said 'my dad'. short and sweet, but made an impact on me. i'm looking forward to when we all get together 20 years from now and our kids start to try to one up each other with the countless stories of their dads. if my little one is still like her old man she will laugh like hell at the choices and memories we are making right now. be yourself and make your mark. the future is watching and will remember

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