Monday, December 14, 2009

no fat chicks

used magnets to hold on the p pad. each one has over 75 lbs of straight pull that i tapped and screwed into the steel. don't advise it if you want to keep your fender pretty because it cuts rings into your, or your friends, paint. probably inst a good idea if you carry a real biggin behind you either. rode with my girl through the curvy countryside for over an hour and it didn't budge. and it will hold a small phone book to the refrigerator too


  1. cover the magnets with some of that plastic dip stuff that you can get at harbour freight. that should cut down on the fucking up of your paint.

  2. Damn fine idea'r. For now I'm running my tins raw, dented and rusty. But Mike D wasn't when I was showing him what it would look like on his fender after he told me not to. Painting my get up this winter and will try that dip shit.