Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 1st Custom Bike...

i built this bike in metal shop in high school around 94-95. techincally we werent supposed to build anything we could 'ride' in case in broke & we died - our family could sue the school or some shit. my shop teachers were cool enough because they noticed i was beyond making napkin holders & candle holders. i was the only one in the class who gave a shit. all the other fools in the class just wanted to fuck off & break the tools.

it started out as a trashpicked sigma bmx frame. i made an extra long downtube & then cut a top tube out of another bike to use up front. i welded the neck in upside down to rake it even more & welded a flat piece between the two front parallels at the gooseneck. i bondod the shit out of it. i think its got like two gallons on the whole bike. its got 144 spoke wheels & i converted the taillights to LED so it would run forever on just a small battery pack. i think that was the hardest part of the whole project. haha - well covering it in leopard fur wasnt easy either. i rode the balls off this bike for years. i would ride it 20 miles & then i couldnt walk by the time i got home.

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