Monday, December 28, 2009

Gypsy Run 09 Pics

I didnt take too many pics on this years run since it rained most of the time but lucky for me, some friends busted out the cameras from time to time & sent me some of the shots they took. I gotta give everyone who did this years run some credit. People came from all over the place & laid down some heavy mileage everyday in non stop rain, mainly on moody old bikes with no fenders, suspension or brakes worth mentioning. Everyone had a goddamn blast anyhow. Spent the 1st night skating Autumn bowl & then the next few days on the road.
Its not just the ride itself, but the people, the places & the bikes that make a run what it is. Who could forget Marco's purple Triumph 'Charlene' & the story behind her name. Then how she wouldnt start the next morning after riding all day in the rain & we push started 'er & the throttle was stuck wide open & he went hauling ass across the lot; or Randy's killer shovel who's primary belt broke & Rivet was kind enough to get a belt for him on his way up to the campground & they got the bike up & running without missing a beat. The true hero of the run was Canadian Shawn who rode his strutted 450 honda from Calgary, to NY & rode with us the last couple days of the run & then headed on over to NM for the Throwdown. The dude is the most humble legend you will ever meet. Runs like this are the things I will tell my grandkids about.
Hopefully I can keep myself busy enough over the winter working on the '68 XLCH that winter will be over in a hurry & we can get on with making history.

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