Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sense deprivation

black and white photos always make shit look more significant for some reason. it would be cool to be one of them color blinds sometimes or have a switch for your eyeballs

when i went through a divorce years ago i cooked up what i thought was a solid plan. i was going to see if there was a deaf dating web site so i could meet a chick that couldn't talk. makes sense right. and i figured i could score some extra hot chippy cause, well i can talk and that's gotta be a plus. then buzzkill mike d had to go and ruin it by pointing out that when she gets upset she wont keep her mouth shut either, and i will have to deal with her blathering all those garbled annoying noises and well, he went and shot that plan all to hell


  1. just face it man, if they're alive, they're gonna drive you fuckin bonkers. Period.

  2. damn just got risers just like that! wonder if there the same ones