Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sunday runday

this may have been the last day like this for a while. highlights include, bill 'the thrill' martin coming out and getting a sunburn 20 minutes into it, then getting both wheels off the ground from the massive bump in the road, 'captain' karl cranking wheelies on his worked sportster including getting away with one right past a cop, mike d giving karl a burnout dirt shower, 'ok' kyle not killing himself trying to stand on his seat and tank, quickie not losing anymore laundry in the sproter, mrs quickie being pleased that me and mike d weren’t still drunk from the night before (1 out of 3 for that), the last inch that was there between me and ‘the brain’ standing on his brakes coming straight at me hookin a late u-turn, fast eddie randomly showing up at the bar to a thunderous round of random applause, and jay ‘clothes pin’ sides taking the flathead off road, then bombing my exhaust with baby powder so it looked like it just ate a powdered doughnut. it was a good fuckin time with good friends having some laughs, and riding in 70 degree weather in the middle of november, in what felt like the middle of nowhere

bill has several things in common with bigfoot. they walk the same and are spotted just about as often

captain karl and the first of many of these that day. dont tell his wife

my panhead, while the clutch cable was still in one piece

the brain's bmw, fresh out of the shop and running strong

bill the thrill's war machine. real hard to believe but its an evo

clothes pin taking the flathead off road

that red vehicle there is a cop. fuckin matlock really must have been paying attention to something else

clutch cable snapped on the way home and ok kyle came to the rescue. friends with trucks are clutch to friends with old bikes

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  1. This is Mrs. Q. It's good 2 know u guys aren't always in an alcoholic daze, squintie-eyed, trying to smile @ people the next day when ur little brains r spinning in pain...hehehe...anyway, Clark, u need 2 put that squirrel back on ur bike!!! A.S.A.P.!!!