Thursday, November 19, 2009


just came across a dozen mid 70's easyriders that we will be randomly posting for your viewing pleasure soon. they are chock full of sick old bikes with plenty of bondo, paint and sweet parts, a couple of "models" that look like your mom and should probably have kept their clothes on, cool ads for shit that you would kill to get for twice the asking price, david mann art, letters from prison, how to's, articles on booze, brawls and fighting the establishment, shit talking to no end, plenty of reader photos where more then one of them should have probably kept their clothes on also, and other good stuff from over 30 years ago from a time that some of us can only imagine. now thats hours of solid fun that the whole family enjoy. if we can only figure out how to work the fuckin scanner

turn on, tune in, and drop the freak out

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