Monday, November 2, 2009

ride to skate

it was supposed to rain and was still wet from the night before, it was cold, the sport fans were hot when zito almost had to fight them off to stake out an early spot for everyone, and the eagles and phillies were doing stuff across the street that day. still had plenty of guys with their priorities straight that fought the weather and traffic to show up. good times.

joe's trump makes me feel funny in the pants

tip to tail, real nice

and the award for the longest kickstand... this lucky bastard

some dude's karate chop

stewy's yamaha

uncle robs ironhead

dude rolled up 3 hours in the rain the day before

warms the heart

quickey's shuv. shoulda seen his moves shuvin the night before. glorious

dan the mouth's trump

some dude's pan. that didnt leak. so i hate him

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