Wednesday, November 18, 2009


the little devil bowl was the site of many killer skate and beer sessions, that is until it got tore down well over a year ago. thanks to the guys at penn skate it has been brought back to life. they dismantled it in 5 days flat and towed it up to allentown on a fleet of flatbed trucks. well we just got word that it is almost completely back to its former glorious self. the guys up there were cool enough to open the doors after hours for a private session for us. mark your calendar. sunday, december 6th at 5:00 it's on. it will be mobbed with our friends on 2 wheels no doubt soon after we get there but i wanted to get a gang to show up a little early to skate the thing then hit the rest of the park after. get in touch with me if youre down. planning on meeting at my place around 3:00 to group up and roll out. it will be epic

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