Sunday, November 22, 2009

Legendary Lance

Got up early & took my little bro to FDR on Saturday morning. I noticed Mr. Tag skating the peanut bowl. I met Dan last year because my good friends Mike from 47 fab & Ryzart were doing some work on his bike & he came down to last years Ride to Skate to show off his machine. Tag being a legenday skateboarder himself is one of the nicest & funniest motherfuckers you will ever meet. I usually see Tag down at FDR & we'll shoot the shit but this time, he was skating with a guy who looked quite familiar. I said "Man, that guy looks just like Lance Mountain." Tag says "That IS Lance Mountain." I said "Heh! No Shit!?". I introduced myself & he cordially replied "I'm Lance". I watched them shred the bowl for a bit but didnt want to be too much of a creep so I went back to bailing all the goddamn rainwater out of the rest of the park. They seemed to be shooting some serious photos & surely didnt want my retarded ass in the background. Fortunately before he left, I went back to shoot the shit a little more & asked for a pic of them & of course they were down.
This is only a couple months after I met Max Schaff up in NYC at the Dice party in Brooklyn. Also, about two summers ago, I met Steve Alba & Steve Olson at FDR. Max is of course the young buck compared to the other Legends of skateboarding. One thing can be said about all of them is that they all seem pretty grounded. Every one of them has been just like any other guy I met down at the park for a solid day of skating. Just regular, friendly, rad skateboarders. The biggest challenge for me when meeting these guys is to just play it cool & not come off like a total fucking kook. I grew up seeing these guys in videos & magazines so it's always a nice surprise to get to meet them.

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