Thursday, November 5, 2009

Keep it goin'...

Yet another killer year of riding is winding to an end. After my wreck on last year's Gypsy run, thankfully with the help of some great friends, my bike & I were healed in time for a few more runs before the deadly cold set in. After my brush with death, a lot of people asked me 'Will you ride again?' I said 'Are you fuckin crazy? Of course! If I couldve rode home from the hospital I would've in a heartbeat. I typically ride as much as possible year round, but the crash gave me a new appreciation of being able to kick that bike to life & hit the road for a few days. I was stoked to lay down some miles in '09.

After a late winter/early spring top end rebuild on the Trophy, she was running better than ever. I did plenty of long solo rides, quite a few one or two day runs with a small crew & of course, the Gypsy Run - 3 for 3, if you count last year's, even though i crashed on the 1st day. I have a lot of excellent memories of the past year's rides. Lots of off road miles on the Scrambler down in the pine barrens. A long ride I took with my bud Mike47 even ended up with me bringing home another bike. The 2nd Ironhorse party, thankfully much drier than the 1st was a blast. Yet another great ride down & back & of course a swanky hotel with a super late pizza pig out. The spring Ride to Skate was a little fucked by the weather & mothers day but we all still had a blast. Shit, I could go on forever about all the great runs & rad people I met this year via two wheeled death machine.

The cold, dark months of winter sort of put a damper on the fun but hell, I try not to let it stop me. Riding throughout the year gives you plenty more riding experiences. Cold, dark, rain, snow & ice! Fuck it - Id rather brave the bullshit weather & burn a couple tanks of gas than park my bikes for a few months. Winter is also pretty nice for cranking up the heat in the shop, turning on some good tunes & getting to work. All those little things that need attention that we tend to push off - cables, chain & sprockets, random nuts & bolts that need an extra dose of loctite. I see that a majority of the motorcycle world tends to view riding as a seasonal affair. For us, that is certainly not the case, so be sure to load up on the cold weather gear, maybe change out that 50wt for 30wt & lay down some fuckin miles this winter. Keep it goin'.

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