Monday, November 16, 2009


it doesn't seem like there are enough worthwhile events to go to anymore in this area besides the ride to skate. with the fall off of lucky charm and their epic runs and the sad dismantling of american nightmare and the beloved annual throwdown now just a fond memory. one of the ones that is still with the price of gas and admission, as long as they don't raise it too much, is the hot rod hoedown. here are some pictures from the past one that took place this september. ok, so i post pictures from events when i get around to it, at least i’m honest about sometimes being lazy, unorganized and forgetful. if you want timely reporting go buy a newspaper, if you want to be lied to, pay attention to politics. that's all for now. enjoy

yes this party wagon has 6 bucket seats, a bench seat and a rear stash section. it probably makes hybrid car owners really upset.
i like it

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  1. DAmn I wanted to make it out for that one, but of course other things came up. Thanks for sharing some pics.