Saturday, November 21, 2009

have you seen me

Welcome to Philly, now give me your bike. Shit got robbed the other night. Keep an eye out for it and pass the info around to anyone one you can in the area.

Vanilla fixed gear / single speed, dark silver with aqua logo script over white panels, polished fork crown, chromed chainstay, and signed 'Sacha White 2009'. Bike was built with Campagnolo Record cranks, headset, and BB; Phil Wood low flange flip flops with Phil cog and White Industries freewheel; TTT stem, Nitto noodle bars, Campy seat post, and Flite saddle. The bike was stolen from Temple Law on the evening of 11/19. If you have any info regarding this bike, these components, or even see the bike around town, please contact me at or 210-842-6870. Thanks

1 comment:

  1. brian... that suuuuuuuucks. dude I am so sorry, I know how long you waited for that bike. those fuckers probably didn't even realize what they were stealing. it'll turn up, man, unless they bury the damn thing or throw it in a river, there's bound to be some sort of transaction.. ebay, craigslist, all the bike shops would know it was stolen.. fuck!