Wednesday, November 25, 2009


if you ever want to look at bikes from the past and get plenty of classic, old and sometimes trippy ideas without having to do lsd yourself. pay a visit to nostalgia on wheels. if you ever see a little green seahorse in an old photo, youre not hallucinating, its because of stretch, the guy that put them there for us all to admire

the pipe organ exhaust and royal ass sissy bar were no doubt a result of some quality mood altering substance. look, i dont encourage illegal activity, i also think you should question authority and always try to do your own thing. but if you have ever dropped out and created something different, thank you all for sacrificing your brain to make this world more interesting

it can sometimes have results like the minds behind this flyer. its an all ages show for hairy naked hippies. im sure the kids wont be freaked out and need therapy later. its cool. poor jimi up on the hill watching down with the look of a parents shame as a result of their misunderstood guidance. oh shit, liquorball was there. damn

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