Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the city of brotherly love

philly is known for a couple things besides rocky, the liberty bell and cheese steaks. we proudly took first place for ugliest city this year, took second for meanest city last year, place top 3 in the most homicides per person for the past couple years, and are regularly ranked among the top for contaminants in our drinking water. if that wasn't enough, now we get fucked with this. don't be surprised when they come to your town and hit your wallet.

little moto meters with little buttons and little signs with real little print but some big money fines. $76 for parking on the sidewalk now when we've done it for years. man about town matt lippot was the first i know of to get banged with a $36 ticket for and expired meter. and big ups to fashion and roll model cookie "gutterballs" jenkins for standing in as concerned and confused pedestrian.

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