Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brooklyn Invitational Show

look, i understand, you've seen some of these bikes at other spots, a lot of people were there and took pictures. so im just getting around to posting the good time. here's my take on it.
highlights included, the bumpy ride in and out of brooklyn, actually finding rob on the turnpike, the gangsta squad getting pulled over, mike social d almost putting the shirtless dancing party boy to sleep for getting too close, rob calling in some friends for us to annoy, the random girl in the mens room that rubbed my back while i took a piss, the other horse faced girl that pulled a hit and run lick on my mouth while i was in the middle of a conversation with matt davis, the abundant scenery in town, actually being able to find and make it back to the hotel after the bar, two quality events in two days, the park beertender and the pounders, some sick bikes and skating, the roadside mechanics with something coming loose on all of our bikes but having the tools and shit to fix the problems enough to get home, meeting some good people and running into some old friends.

max schaaf airs the pocket among all those pesky spirit orbs that followed him out from oakland

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