Monday, November 30, 2009

for sale

my room mate 'ok' kyle is parting with his ironhead sportster. details as follows: 1974, clean title, 1000cc, rigid strut, new battery, new 'fuck you' side mount tail light, new front wheel, new front tire, new front end, new bars, new seat, new throttle, new fender, new generator, new voltage regulator, new rear brakes, more new minor parts, does not leak, runs strong, come with some extra stock parts. $2,900 or best uninsulting offer. in the philly area. any questions call Kyle at 1-484-889-6115. word up

what does your girl ride

more art

a couple from our good old friend dave fox at studio 1

a couple of mine that are crap in comparrison

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the lords of fun

beer good. not sure who this girl is

mike d does not smoke, he's part dragon

bonified bob myers gas face

teddy's girls showed up with sealed packs of booze in their bras. each one they pulled out made their chest look smaller but made them look better. weird

going for it

more mail

steve's pan. always warms the heart to see shit like this

bad ass truck that steve worked on with our buddy billy boy jenkins from kingsnake

stripper car kulp's misfit is almost ready for the road. dude spent less then a grand out of pocket on this rigid yami. it always concerns me a little when the younger bmx guys get their first bike. curb cut jumps and wheelies are fun but dont get hurt buddy. i know your dad is an old school rider for life and him and carlos will beat the snot out of you if you lay down all the work they did for you

thanks guys

freak out in the butt

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I find it hard to believe that a movie with a poster this rad only has a PG rating. Little disappointing
Jets legend, movie star, PA native, activist on vapor lock

Hey Now

Stole this from COC. The lines on this are perfect, the buggy's cool too. Sorry for my creepy attempt at wit.

Jersey City Event

Saw this on the JJ. Looks interesting. Go to the damaged blog for details.


if you ever want to look at bikes from the past and get plenty of classic, old and sometimes trippy ideas without having to do lsd yourself. pay a visit to nostalgia on wheels. if you ever see a little green seahorse in an old photo, youre not hallucinating, its because of stretch, the guy that put them there for us all to admire

the pipe organ exhaust and royal ass sissy bar were no doubt a result of some quality mood altering substance. look, i dont encourage illegal activity, i also think you should question authority and always try to do your own thing. but if you have ever dropped out and created something different, thank you all for sacrificing your brain to make this world more interesting

it can sometimes have results like the minds behind this flyer. its an all ages show for hairy naked hippies. im sure the kids wont be freaked out and need therapy later. its cool. poor jimi up on the hill watching down with the look of a parents shame as a result of their misunderstood guidance. oh shit, liquorball was there. damn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


sick art by thacker

Monday, November 23, 2009

A night out

Unisex bathroom, painted nails grippin the bottom of the door? One can only imagine what was transpiring.

Been pretty quiet lately

All three movies were on AMC yesterday. Made the kid watch em with me. She didnt get it.

gobble gobble mother fucker

2 more working days until a 4 day weekend. i look forward to thanksgiving every year. excess eating and a little drinking which usually leads to saying shit to the family that only they would let you get away with. like this, kim your smashed potatos give me the gas. there, got that out of the way

pass the biscits. and... i might need some gravy

i can think of a couple of things im thankful for

and with black friday the following day, it means its time to start thinking about christmas shopping, i guess. he are a couple of ideas to get that special lady in your life. i wouldnt wait too long, these hot ticket items may not last

and another gift to show you really care. yeah, i forgot to mention, never listen to me. ever

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Legendary Lance

Got up early & took my little bro to FDR on Saturday morning. I noticed Mr. Tag skating the peanut bowl. I met Dan last year because my good friends Mike from 47 fab & Ryzart were doing some work on his bike & he came down to last years Ride to Skate to show off his machine. Tag being a legenday skateboarder himself is one of the nicest & funniest motherfuckers you will ever meet. I usually see Tag down at FDR & we'll shoot the shit but this time, he was skating with a guy who looked quite familiar. I said "Man, that guy looks just like Lance Mountain." Tag says "That IS Lance Mountain." I said "Heh! No Shit!?". I introduced myself & he cordially replied "I'm Lance". I watched them shred the bowl for a bit but didnt want to be too much of a creep so I went back to bailing all the goddamn rainwater out of the rest of the park. They seemed to be shooting some serious photos & surely didnt want my retarded ass in the background. Fortunately before he left, I went back to shoot the shit a little more & asked for a pic of them & of course they were down.
This is only a couple months after I met Max Schaff up in NYC at the Dice party in Brooklyn. Also, about two summers ago, I met Steve Alba & Steve Olson at FDR. Max is of course the young buck compared to the other Legends of skateboarding. One thing can be said about all of them is that they all seem pretty grounded. Every one of them has been just like any other guy I met down at the park for a solid day of skating. Just regular, friendly, rad skateboarders. The biggest challenge for me when meeting these guys is to just play it cool & not come off like a total fucking kook. I grew up seeing these guys in videos & magazines so it's always a nice surprise to get to meet them.

the road less traveled

5,536 miles in 32 days. check out go west young man and the next time someone says they don't want to ride because it's too far, smack em in the mouth

circle of life

the birds of prey went out and got a little loose last night. always a good time

came home to this out in front of the house. someone else probably did the same thing as us that night but didnt make it home without killing something along the way

Saturday, November 21, 2009

have you seen me

Welcome to Philly, now give me your bike. Shit got robbed the other night. Keep an eye out for it and pass the info around to anyone one you can in the area.

Vanilla fixed gear / single speed, dark silver with aqua logo script over white panels, polished fork crown, chromed chainstay, and signed 'Sacha White 2009'. Bike was built with Campagnolo Record cranks, headset, and BB; Phil Wood low flange flip flops with Phil cog and White Industries freewheel; TTT stem, Nitto noodle bars, Campy seat post, and Flite saddle. The bike was stolen from Temple Law on the evening of 11/19. If you have any info regarding this bike, these components, or even see the bike around town, please contact me at or 210-842-6870. Thanks

Friday, November 20, 2009

freaked out the freak out

just felt some love from the brain at hated for posting some pictures from this past sunday

but what he wrote creeped me out so im putting up some of my own to fix the situation, for myself

thats a little better... maybe one more just to be sure for sure

another one he took from the ride. hey brain, nice shot of my ass

fuck, now i have to go and undo all of it again some more like this here

for a fine example of how to explain all of this, see the post below

trainwreck moments with friends

we have all said shit at one time, that the second it comes out of our mouth, we realize we would have been better off if we would have just kept it shut. and there is usually always a good friend right there to bust your balls about it and not let you get away with it or forget. be it funny, embarrassing, disgusting or just good and fucked up. well i love and live for those moments, regardless if i'm the mouth or the reaction. so i just added a random quote section over there on the right at the bottom to share some of these pearls of nit wit wisdom with you fine people. i left out the names and details to protect the innocent, but sometimes you make a little mess that needs no further explination...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Duncan's Slab Side

This is one of my all-time favorites. Dig everything about this bike.