Thursday, October 29, 2009

samhain- the season of the dead

a bunch of shit died off this year. dalton from roadhouse, "captian chaos" dom deluise, socks the whitehouse cat, ricardo montalban, tennessee moonshiner marvin "popcorn" sutton and many more, some for the better.

the one that hit me most besides the death of being able to steel free cable was the recent departure of a killer shop with no shortage on talent and cool ideas. duncan, donny and old school karl at lucky charm have helped me out personally more times then i can remember and probably more then i deserved. i made some good friends and had some good times with and because of those guys. thanks for everything including the countless use of "my office". im lucky to call those guys my friends and wish them the best. im sure we havent heard the last from any of them.

see you down the road boys.

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